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Mobile Compliance, Fraud Protection 

Know who is present on your network, who is using your systems and who is the Ultimate Beneficial Owner at your business relations.  

Continuous compliance and customer risk identification are needed to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.  

Mobile Compliance

Companies are obligated to know who is benefiting via their systems. Therefore it is essential to know who is present in the flow and who is benefitting.

Fraud Protection

Premium mobile (SMS, DCB) , mobile payments and mobile advertising. We help to keep fraud away from your clients and your systems.

In Depth Research

What exact parties are using your channels or systems.

Fraud Protection

Prevention of fraud and detection in an early stage. 

Constant Monitoring

Are all parties operating within the prevailing guidelines.

Custom portal

Make use of our custom software for maniging your premium mobile partners.

Clean Traffic

Keep your systems clear form malicious third parties. Hereby unburden your customer service and boost your image.